Water Treatment Dept.

The global water resource is suffering under pressure from rapidly development of the economy, growing demands, climate change and unprecendent pollution. Therefore, in order to provide sustainable solutions, In 1988, TOUGU DENKI established the Water Treatment Dept. In 2004, established Aquaclio international brand in the US.


“Aquaclio” provides World-Class Water Filtration Solutions around the world, focuses on consumer satisfaction, R&D department is to work hard to innovate, and donate the products with high-quality and advanced technology materials to meet todays needs.


For more information about our products and services please visit : www.aquaclio.com


Reverse Osmosis
RO Water Systems
UF Water Purifier
UV Water Filter
Shower Filter
Whole House
Water Softener
Smart Purifier RO Systems Hot & Cold Purifier
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