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di-soric, the Reliable Partner of TOUGU DENKI

We are glad to announce that di-soric GmbH & Co. KG cooperates with TOUGU DENKI for web guiding field.

Headquartered in Germany, di-soric has focused on sensors through quality and innovation for 40 years. Due to the professional experience and market influence of TOUGU DENKI, di-soric cooperates with TOUGU DENKI to build sensors for web guiding.

The new ultrasonic sensor is Made in Germany, high accuracy with Teach-in function, CE Marking, Protection Class IP67. It is applied to transparent film, opaque film, paper and foil for edge guiding or center guiding.

di-soric Ультразвуковой Сенсор    di-soric ультразвуковой датчик определения края
di-soric ультразвуковой датчик определения края    di-soric и TOUGU DENKI
di-soric Ультразвуковой Сенсор
di-soric и TOUGU DENKI
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