CLYME 2020 de China

CLYME 2020 de China

China Longyan Machinery Expo 2020

Due to the effects of COVID-19, TOUGU DENKI and its distributors only participated in one exhibition this year. HT Technology, the distributor of TOUGU DENKI in South China, attended CLYME (China Longyan Machinery Expo) 2020 from 08 to 10, November.

According to the sales department of TOUGU DENKI, the global demand for mask making machine has increased sharply this year, and the demand for web guiding system and web guide sensor has also increase. TOUGU DENKI blue light sensor and web guiding system can be applied to mask making machine widely to increase the production speed and yield of mask, and makes contribution to the global epidemic prevention work.


8~10 noviembre, 2020
Longyan, Fujian, China
China Longyan Machinery Expo 2020    China Longyan Machinery Expo 2020
CLYME 2020    CLYME 2020
CLYME 2020
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