TOUGU DENKI, extends business in South China

TOUGU DENKI, extends business in South China

Owing to customers’ support and business extending, the distributor of TOUGU DENKI in Xiamen, China will expand the operations by relocating to another platform.

“With over 10 years in Xiamen, HT Technology is enormously grateful for every customer. We still keep going and offering best and most professional service for our customers.” Mr. Wu, the manager said.
“Now our business is focusing on South China. The Central China is the next we will expand to. The growth rate 10% of sales achievement can be expected.”

HT Technology was established in 2011 in Xiamen, and cooperated with TOUGU DENKI to import web guiding system to China. TOUGU DENKI is popular in the global market, and we will keep continue to provide the highest quality products and services to the world.

TOUGU DENKI China Distributor    TOUGU DENKI China Distributor
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